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      Will you have a microwave? You could take cup o’ soup; those Ramen soups in a cup. Things like that.

      Just add water. They are high in sodium, so watch that, but it will work in a pinch. Herlean

      Jenny Darocha wrote: Hello all! My husband has a
      business trip to la next week and i am going with him (we live in nc so this is like another planet for me). we will be there from tues- sunday.

      the hotel and flight is arranged, but we are on our own for most meals. i am afraid that we will end up spending a ton and would like to either bring our own in a checked bag on the plane, or mail it to ourselves at the hotel. the only problem is that i am having trouble thinking of foods we can pack beyond crackers, chips, and pb & j!!

      do any of you have any cheap meal ideas that would keep well if there is no refrigerator in our room? i thought about going to a grocery store after we arrive, but we are not getting a rental car and i hate to pay for a taxi to do that. any other ideas on how to save money on food while traveling??

      thanks so much!! jenny ps- i already have some “meal replacement bars” to take
      in my purse for the days we are traveling. but i don’t think we can live off those all week.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Non-perishable (non-refrigerated) meals