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      We have been eating out a lot less. We had reached the point we
      didn’t even enjoy it that much. You know when you were young and
      eating out was a big deal cause it was like once a month tops. Now
      days we do it so much that it’s no big deal anymore.

      Like most people we tend to eat out not so much cause we like to but
      because it’s easy. So while I haven’t done the OAMC yet I did make
      up Chili Mac (froze good), Rotoni (haven’t had any yet), spaghetti
      sauce, split pea soup, lental rice, etc. but….

      The best thing I made was dump chicken. We have tried 2 of the six
      kinds I made (dump everything in a bag, freeze, thaw when needed,
      dump it and bake it) and we really liked both. Still have 15 or so
      recipes to try that I got from one of my OAMC files section. Looking
      forward to it actually.

      So anyways the key to saving on eating out is making it easy to make
      something when you walk through that door and to think ahead.


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