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      Roast them by tossing them in oil and sliced onions. Add red pepper flakes for some “kick”. Lay them out on a baking sheet and roast.

      French fries are always good. Bake them in the oven or fry them if you choose.

      Boil them with green beans. Season to taste.

      Au Gratin potatoes – slice and bake in the oven with cheese.

      Potato pancakes.

      Mashed potatoes seasoned with chicken broth instead of water. Flavors great.

      Stew – add potatoes to the veggie portion.

      Potato soup with cheese and bacon.

      Hash browns.


      “C. McNally” wrote:

      12pt;color: black;”>What can I do with 8lbs of baking potatoes? I have some that really “need” to be used. Any ideas? 12pt;color: black;”>Thanks! 12pt;color: black;”>Carol McNally 10pt;color: black;”> 12pt;color: black;”> 12pt;color: black;”> 12pt;font-family: Arial;color: rgb(255, 102, 51);”>

      8:00? 8:25? 8:40?
      https://tools.search.yahoo.com/shortcuts/?fr=oni_on_mail&#news”> Find a flick in no time
      with the
      https://tools.search.yahoo.com/shortcuts/?fr=oni_on_mail&#news”>Yahoo! Search movie showtime shortcut.

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