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      so well put!! imagine adding to that mix a child with special needs and the extra days off needed for various therapies and dr appts. My daughter goes to PT and OT 2x a week each and the appts are set up back to back first am appt on those days, but that is still 9am and 9:30 am which means I wouldnt be able to get to work until 10 or 11am on those days. Add to that the number of times my sons daycare called me to pick him up because he spent the day crying or just laying on the cement playground refusing to play (this was before he was diagnosed with autism, btw), just having meltdown after meltdown. I still had to pay for the weeks and days he missed but didn’t get to go to work, so it was just crazy. It shouldnt have to be a choice between a child and a job, but alas florida is a “right to work” or “no fault” state for employment and unemployment which means a company can fire you without reason or cause and there is no
      recourse for the employee. They will never admit firing you for taking days off to care for a sick child they just tell unemployment they used the right to work law and there is no legal recourse.

      another point, I became a sahm when we had kids, my skills in the computer field are all outdated technologies by now 7 years later. I no longer have the earning potential I once had as I now have no relevant experience for most positions in my field.

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