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      i think a phone call with a genuine “thanks” is okay.

      a hug and thank you if in person.

      money is tight these days for everyone.

      maybe just good old fashioned ” good values” is what we need now.

      — On Sat, 6/28/08, Talea Ranker wrote:

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      Date: Saturday, June 28, 2008, 12:28 AM

      Ya know what, I can’t even afford a thank you card right now as my husband’s company just cut his miles from over 3500 to less that 500. We now OWE his company 150 dollars. I can’t buy groceries! I have had to borrow money from my mother, which has killed me just to make it through this month. I’m sorry I offended anyone for thinking getting upset over not receiving a card was crazy. I’m just glad my family and friends understand I’m on bare bones right now and are willing to help us out while my husband waits on his first pay check from his new job. The only reason I have internet is my mom paid for it so I would have something. We just got news both our cars need work. In my family saying Thank you was enough, and I’m sorry I won’t feel ashamed of it. I come from a long line of military on both sides, farmers on my mothers, and shrimper’s on my fathers. I have had a pretty good life despite the
      abuse. We got through ok because we forgive and move on. I have never expected anyone to thank me for something I did from the heart, nor will I ever. That’s just how we are. We know that maybe you can’t afford even a card right now (and I can’t) but we also know the next time I have extra groceries or even cash if you need it, you don’t have to ask, it’s already on the way. I don’t think it’s lazy if you forget to say thanks, careless yes, but I haven’t yet met a person yet that’s not forgotten something. I teach my kids to be polite, but I won’t force them. I don’t let them gripe though when others have been rude to them though. I live in a single wide trailer in AL with 3 boys, and a husband who is home for the first time in 6 years longer than a week. I have had all I’m gonna take. I’m gone. I’ll stick with my truckers wives and catholic mothers group. I appreciate what I’ve learned
      but this is a budget group. I figured there would be some people here that maybe had the same hardships I do and would understand that right now giving or receiving a thank you CARD specifically isn’t the end all or be all of manners. So I’m gonna go sit on my sofa on my lazy butt and drink a shot of tequila and thank God I don’t have to worry about something that trivial with my friends and family.

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