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      Hey all;

      I am new here. My names Erin. Im 25 – and just really learning how to
      manage my money. 😉

      I have quite a bit of debt, and am trying to come up with a live-able

      My take home pay is roughly $1640 a month. This is the estimated
      budget I have come up with, but really want to see if I can refine it
      and tune it. Was hoping you all could help!! 😉 Lucky you!!

      $650 Rent
      $226 Car Payment
      $250 Credit Cards & Misc. Other Bills
      $130 Insurance (Auto & Renters)
      $150 Food (For Myself & My Puppy & My Fish)
      $50 Mobile Phone Bill
      $20 Home Phone
      $40 Direct TV
      $25 Internet
      $20 Electric
      $80.00 Gas
      $100 Spending Money/Entertainment

      That leaves roughly negative $1.00. I ideally would like to save,
      though, that is hard on my limited income. Any advice? I eat a strict
      diet, so I cant cut back on my food moneys. Obviously some of the
      above arent necessities such as 2 phones, tv etc – but I have a
      quality of life factor Id like to keep in mind.

      I am saving through work with a 401K & I also get health care through
      work. So those are not included above.

      Maybe I should be more open minded?!!?!?!

      Any advice would be most helpful!!! Thanks so much!!!


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