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      I peel the potatoes and cut them in chuncks, and add

      1 stick of butter with pepper and salt,and put them in

      oven and cook them. My kids love them that way cause

      they don’t like the potatoe peelings, so this is my

      way of makin the baked potatoes.



      — Lisa <alpharalphablvd@hotmail.com> wrote:

      > Hash browns: Chop up and fry – heavenly with bacon

      > fat. You can also

      > add in onions and bell peppers, if inspired.


      > Potato soup, and many stews

      > curried potatoes.

      > Mash, and make leftovers into potato pancakes.

      > Casseroles of all kinds

      > Bread and cakes


      > What else do you have on hand, maybe that will help

      > us with some good

      > recipes?


      > Lisa



      > > What can I do with 8lbs of baking potatoes? I

      > have some that really

      > > “need” to be used. Any ideas?

      > > Thanks!

      > > Carol McNally

      > >






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