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      Well I called the IRS and got some automated voice and listened to
      it till it got to the part about how much of a payment I could make
      and I didn’t enter a figure so it put me on hold I assume to speak
      with a real person but i eventually hung up because I was at my
      sisters’ house and didn’t want to use up her phone time(my phone is
      disconnected). I couldn’t have named an amount anyway because I have
      to let my husband know it’s coming directly out of the bank acct.
      first and right now the checking acct is in the hole. I busted my
      front tooth about a month ago and it’s still not fixed so I’m afraid
      if I go to an interview that’s what is going to keep me from getting
      the job. Also I received info that my BIL’s co pay through the human
      services went up(I watch his kids through them) and that will be
      $188 coming off my check I receive from them and that he never pays
      me! Now school is fast approaching and 3 of the kids will be in all
      day and I will be left with just 1 which will drastically reduce my
      pay, I haven’t figured out by how much yet but I’m going to. I said
      something to my husband about getting a part time job and that they
      only do evenings and weekends and he was livid. He doesn’t want to
      be alone all the time. I’m tired of being controlled by what he
      wants. Sorry, needed to vent.

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