No-Roll Sugar Cookies

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      No Roll Sugar Cookiespurr smilie
      Cream until fluffy:
      1 cup sugar
      1 cup powdered sugar
      1 cup softened butter
      Add and mix well:
      1 cup oil
      1 teaspoon lemon flavor
      2 eggs
      Stir in dry ingredients until well blended:
      4 1/4 cups flour
      1 tsp baking soda
      1 tsp cream of tartar
      1 tsp salt
      Refrigerate 2 hours or overnight. Shape into 3/4″-1″ balls. Place 2″ apart on un-greased cookie sheet.

      Flatten with bottom of glass dipped in sugar. Bake at 350 for about 6 minutes until set but not brown. Makes about 4 dozen.

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      Are these anything like the ones you can get at Sams or Walmart, with the icing and sprinkles? My daughter loves them and I have been wanting to make some for her. The last ones I tried weren’t so good.

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      hun-ney…I have no clue! I’ve never purchased those cookies so I don’t know what they taste like;- for what it’s worth, this was a recipe I developed for when my daughter wanted to bake cookies and she was a wee thing. she loved flattening them with the glass.

      when she was a bit older, we moved on to cookie-cutter and molded/shaped cookies.
      I would make the dough after putting her to bed and when she got home from daycare we would make ’em;-)

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      LOL! My “wee one” is 24 years old and buys her own cookies! Personally, I don’t care for those bought cookies.

      But I think I will have to try your recipe because I do enjoy sugar cookies but only have recipes for the rolled kind. Thanks anyway! 🙂

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      lol! then she should have no trouble flattening the cookies! lol!

      these are so easy to make…you probably won’t make the roll-out sugar cookies anymore;-) hope you like ’em!

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      LOL! I’m having fun thinking bout this! We make everything from scratch…even crackers and chips!

      We went to a restaurant this month and had spaghetti and couldn’t eat it because the pasta was that nasty white stuff we haven’t eaten in years. It tasted like glue to us! My girl’s take home made buns to work for their chicken or Hamburger at their fast food place.

      We even take food along with us when traveling because we don’t care to eat out anymore! We all laugh about it but it’s no fun to eat out or grab junk food when you’ve had home made stuff and know the difference!

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      I so know what you mean! I can’t even remember the last time that I ate out. I refuse to pay someone to cook food that doesn’t taste as good as what I would have prepared!

      lol! however, i did find a chinese restaurant that does prepare the best oriental dishes that i’ve ever eaten outside of my kitchen. so when i get a craving and either don’t have the ingredients or feel like ‘treating’ myself, i’ll order take out from them.

      i’m trying to remember…i think that the last time i had their food was one night in october or was it september? lol! another thing in their favor is that they are only three miles from me;-)

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