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      I haven’t had a cycle since January. I basically know what’s caused this, as I am under a doctor’s care for long-term mold exposure. My periods starting having more time in between – a month and a week, then a month and 2 weeks, until it finally just stopped completely. After that last one in January, I also lost quite a bit of weight because of symptoms from the mold, so we figure that messed up my cycle as well. I am out of the mold and have gained most of the weight back, but I still don’t have a period.

      One healthcare professional is recommending I simply wait it out – that my body will start when it’s ready. She says my body knows it can’t handle being pregnant right now because of how the mold effected me, so it’s preventing it.

      My gynocologist wants to start me on progesterone to jumpstart my period because she doesn’t like young women going more than 3 months without one. My problem is she wasn’t specific about WHY 3 months and wouldn’t give me any more details as to her reasoning.

      Any idea if not having a period can cause any problems? I don’t know if everything has just stopped or if I’m going through part of the cycle and stuff is just building up…or if that’s even possible. I really don’t want to take the progesterone is my body will begin on its own when it’s ready, but I also have enough physical problems right now from the mold and don’t want to add more complications.

      Thanks for listening!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Women’s Issues No period in 8 months