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      We are a Christian family my dh is Jewish but he is a messianic Jew. Sometimes about 3 or 4 years ago he started taking his vacation at Christmas time because with the days off granted for Christmas he could stretch 7 days of vacation pay into two weeks vacation.

      We started visiting his mom who lives in a very Jewish area of South FL every year at that time, so that meant no christmas, his mom in not an observant Jew so we didn’t celebrate Hanaukah bad spelling I know. Anyway we didn’t celebrate the Jewish holiday either. Our entire Christmas consisted of reading the Christmas story from the bible and going to dinner at a local steakhouse.

      The first year it was kind of weird because when we got home christmas was over and it was like it just disappeared. Soon I began to enjoy it. This year we will be home and spending Christmas with my family so we will be celebrating christmas for the first time in years. After years of not having to deal with the stress of Christmas I am not looking forward to it.

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