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      Thank you for all your advice. Unfortunately, my husband worked for

      the state and since he was in a management position, his new boss came

      into the office at 5pm on Friday and said he was bringing in his own

      team. That was it. He was asked to resign his position, or be fired.

      My husband lost his 10 years with no warning. It has been a blow to

      his very core. He is a walking zombie. There just isn’t much he can

      do about it- since he wasn’t protected by the union. But I willhave

      to look into unemployment even though I don’t think he is eligible. I

      am going to do my taxes this week and get my refund back asap. I will

      do them myself and save the accountant fee. I cancelled the paper

      (except for Sunday since I save so much with the coupons). I will need

      to cut some other things this week. Fortunately I took advice from all

      of you and bought a freezer last year. It is fairly stocked (yay me)

      and I have been doing a weekly freebie shop at Walgreens/cvs. i won’t

      be needing shampoo, dish detergent, toothpaste for a while. i

      certainly am feeling much more positive than my husband! thanks guys!

      michelle in ma

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