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      I am one part of bnd1094 – a married couple from Oklahoma who use the same “handle” because hubs typically posts more online than I do, but I like looking around and seeing the replies he gets so it works well for us to share accounts. We are just starting to try to live in a more ecologically and economically responsible way (we are actually doing more to get by on less now than we have at times when we were bringing in much less money than we do now…guess we finally grew up and got wise). Our goal is to get and stay out of debt, save for retirement, and try to make less of a negative impact on nature than we have in the past.
      I really love this site – so many clever ideas.

      A lot of them are brand new to me, but many I have heard of or seen used by my grandmothers (one of whom I am blessed to still have living and teaching me) and my mom (who actually IS a teacher and couldn’t stop teaching me even if I wanted her to – it’s sort of a compulsion for her).

      So I have actually seen good old-fashioned lye soap made and used it many times, have helped make a garden and put up the yield, and used vinegar as a hair rinse…but I didn’t know till I found this site that I could make my own laundry detergent – I love the laundry sauce for dummies recipe and so does my mom!
      Anyway, really looking forward to learning much more and hopefully being able to share some too, though I’m not very inventive so don’t know how much I can contribute.

      But I am so thankful I found this site. It is a great resource and I am referring others who are interested in sustainable, green, and/or just affordable living here. Thanks so such for providing a comprehensive, interesting, and user friendly place!

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