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      I love this site, finally people that understand.

      As stated earlier, I live in Montana, with 2 grown children with

      families. Last year I told them that we would ALL have a Almost

      homemade Xmas.(somethings you have to buy to complete the project.)

      They had to make the gifts and had 4 months to do this.

      I received a wonderful C/D from our Son, with pictures of he and his

      sister growing up, the music he placed with it was great.

      Our daughter and grand boys made me a gorgeous necklace, and the

      boys counted every bead. They made cookies for grandpa. The

      pressure was gone, we really had lots of gifts to share, and a

      wonderful holiday.

      This year I have been going to garage sales and 2nd had stores for

      material, jars, bottles, anything that I think I might use. AND it

      better be cheap or it doesn’t come home.

      I am making pillow cases for everyone. I bought towels, and added

      6 ” of the same material to the bottom of the towel to create a

      special gift. I have placed Vanilla Beans in bottles 1 per 4 oz,

      added vodka, and they are sitting, waiting to be given as Vanilla

      extract. Pure and no additives.

      I am making Russian Tea, found cute jars, and perfect glass cups to

      give together.

      It takes time, but my Xmas is almost done now.

      One year I bought a photo album that took 4×6 pictures, got index

      cards the same size and made recipe cards for all the family

      dishes. The kids still use these books, they even have added some

      new recipes. Use material, or card stock and do the out side cover.

      Starting early helps. But Xmas is from the heart, we just need to go

      back to that.

      Barb D.

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