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      Hi all,

      I’ve been a member for a few days and have already learned so much
      from those of you who post. I love the website and am looking
      forward to experimenting and comparing many of the MYO cleaners and
      other things as well.

      I have a few questions that I hope you can answer for me. I need to
      know where to find glycerin, fels naptha, and washing soda. I also
      need to know what kinds of prices I should be looking for with these
      items. I mostly shop at my Navy commissary and I haven’t seen these
      things there.

      I think that 20 Mule Team is the borax I need for some of the myo
      things. the commissary does carry that. if it’s not the same thing i
      need to be using, please clue me in!!

      also, how have you grated your soap? did you use a plain metal
      cheese grater or an old blender or what?

      i feel so dumb about all this! please, please enlighten me!

      many, many thanks!
      jill in nw florida

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