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      Hello all, I’m a wife and mother to two, looking for some ways to save money and live a bit more naturally. I have really enjoyed reading through this site. Tons of great ideas, and natural remedies, thanks to everyone.

      We are putting money away to move out of state, I’m hoping this site will help me with my efforts. piggy bank

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      I’m Sandi hometown Ft. Lauderdale, fl moved to angleton, tx i’m 1967 and raised my family here

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      I’m a newbie from Central Illinois. Love to budget…it has become a “game” to me. Thanks for letting me join your site.

      Looking forward to learning, sharing, making new friends.

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      Hi, I’m Lynda-new here as well! Same avatar! I, too, look at saving as a game, or a challenge-I get excited when I get to save $ and hate to pay full price!

      Welcome, and I look forward to sharing ideas with you!:)

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      As a newbie, I am a grandmother looking for ways to DO more for less, to help with my grandchildren and to make life less complicated for their family. I have read many simple ways on this site to take care of everyday situations that are life changing but, at the same time easy adjustments.

      I am looking forward to learning all the great ideas that you all have to share!

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      Hi Julie14624….I’m also a wife of 36 yrs, mother of 2 and Nana to 3 wonderful grandchildren. I think this site is great to learn and share new ways to save money. I also am planning a move from ct to fl.

      my house is presently on the market and we are keeping our fingers crossed. i just signed up today on this site. i’m excited to meet new friends with like minds.

      will chat again.

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      Love this site! I have found a lot of interesting things here.

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      :w1: to all the Newbies, just like myself!

      I know you will enjoy this site as much as I do!
      This site is filled with many tips, tricks and wonderful ideas! :060:

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      Hi! I am disabled, have a lot of back trouble. One thing I like to do is garden.

      It’s hard, since bending is hard to do. This year, I rented a place that had a defunct refrigerator in it. I got a little help and cleared away the compressor, doors, shelves and drawers and turned it on it’s back in the yard.
      Once filled with compost and potting soil, I planted tomatoes and peppers in it!

      I have some stencils, and plan to paint the sides with spray paint, to make it look less junkyard and more chic. The tomatoes and peppers are doing well, and bearing fruit. It is easy for me to water and weed, and the refrigerator did not end up in a landfill.
      I used the drawers for starting seeds, and the shelves in a bedroom closet!

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      Hello. I am a wife and mother of 4 children. I home-school my daughter so I am home all the time and try to find ways to save money by doing things myself.

      I also love crafts.

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      hi I’m from michigan and a little lost here!

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