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      I just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Jacksonville Fl, & I am a home

      My Handsome husband & I are blessed with one son who is 5 AND 1/2 !
      A big boy now !!!

      I homeschool him full time plus run our household. I feel like since my husband works so hard to provide for us at his job, that my job is to spend that hard earned cash wisely !!!

      I try to cut corners every way possible. Thanks to all of y’all I am learning more everyday.

      I have now started making my own laundry soap & homemade tater tots !!!!

      The homeade stuff really is so much better than even the best brands at the store !!!

      I love a challenge & saving money is like a huge game to me !!!

      I love the Lord with all my heart and we try to serve him & honor him in all that we do !!!!

      I guess that’s all for now !!!

      Be Blessed !!! :054:

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      incheck welcome to the site. Isn’t it thrilling how great homemade things are? I love making my own soap and saving the money as well as the cooking from scratch.

      Look forward to more of your posts.

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      Hello and welcome to the site incheck. I see that you are enjoying the site as much as everyone here. Looking forward to your postings.

      What a nice posting that you did by introducing yourself.

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      Hello incheck…welcome to the best site on the net to learn about saving and meeting some great friends!!! I look forward to your posts!!

      God Bless!!

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      Just wanted to let everyone know that we just found out we are expecting another miracle !!!!!!!

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      Congratulations!!! What a blessing!

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      Welcome to the site! I look forward to your posts! Oh, and congrats on that second little miracle!

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      :cot: CONGRATULATIONS incheck! You will have to keep us posted!

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      incheck, “CONGRATULATIONS” on a new addition coming to your family.

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie In Florida