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      Hiya all *waves*

      I’m Bethany. I’m originally from PA but now live in Europe (for now). I come back to visit once or twice a year and believe it or not…as soon as I get back to PA I have coupons printed out and ready to use lol.
      Couponing is in my blood as I got the *itch* from my Mom…she has passed on now but I continue her “tradition” for the love of couponing hehe. I just such a rush when I am able to save with coupons and my husband thinks I’m a little nutty for getting so happy when I do 😀
      When I am back in PA I try to buy my fav goodies to bring back here to Europe with me. I also buy some things for niece who sometimes struggles to make ends meet so shopping for her really does make feel good knowing she is sorted for atleast a few months.

      Ok…well enough of my blabber hehe.


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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, Nordictat2! Good to have you here. Enjoy! Any questions, just ask. Thanks; Virginia

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie here!