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      Hey I am learning to how to budget.. Single mom of a 6 yr old and make under 1k a month. I am open to any ideas. I am looking for more work that’s an obvious but in the mean time what are some money saving tips that’s easy on the wallet? Thanks

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      Hello and Welcome, Anglwatchinme24! Good to have you here. There is lots of information on this site. Take a look and see, if you have questions just ask. Thanks; Virginia

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      Hello and welcome anglwatchinme24!
      Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving!!

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      Welcome to the site. I would encourage you to check out the grocery and meal plans to help stretch your money for the month. Lots of great ideas on here, just take your time looking and ask if you have questions.

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      Hi anglwatchinme24 ~ Welcome to the site. I would also check out the crafts section for making some homemade chalk, playdough…….. Could make some nice xmas gifts for your daughter.

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie here