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      Hi.:-D I am from Atlantic Canada. Married, no kids, 50 years old. Interested in saving money, time and looking for tips on home organizing.

      For me this seems to be a never ending taskdeadhorse  smilie. Is one ever truly organized I wonder??Oh well, I live in hope. I love the smilies here, lots of ones I haven’t seen anywhere else.

      With a user name of songlady you’ve got to know I’ll probably be using this one a lot:034: Am currently working on 2 household projects. Finishing diningroom and repainting bathroom/laundry room.After those are finished I need to get back to my sewing room and get to know my sewing machine again, quilt tops to finish and I desperately need some new clothes. I do seem to have a bad habit of “biting off more than I can chew”.

      Off to read some posts now.

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      Hi Song,
      Just wanted to stop by and say welcome. Sounds like you are a busy woman!

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      Hi SongLady!

      LOlL! We are a lot alike. I too am interested in home organizing and decorating.

      I also find myself jumping into too many project at once, in fact I have that problem right now!

      Mama Bear

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie here