Newbie from U.P.

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      For those of you who may not know U.P. is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is a beautiful largely wild area.

      We have lots of woods and swamps (bugs are very bad this year) and is not a place for the faint hearted unless you live in one of the larger cities (which i don’t). i was born in the lower peninsula so am considered a “troll” up here because of coming from below the bridge (the mighty mac bridge that connects the two peninsulas.)
      i found this site through a friend’s post on fb and i’m glad she sent it to me. i hope to see and learn alot on this site although my time is limited as am still in the work zone.
      so thanks for this site and welcome to all my fellow newbies.

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      wowser! another Yooper! welcome, although I am a bit of a newbie here also.

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      Newbie here too from New Jersey, getting your kinda weather here now, lots of snow and ice

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