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      Hi all!

      My name is Eefje and i am a 37 yo mom of a 3 yo DD.
      I work part time as cleaning support for the elderly in our community. :iron::morechores3::mop::vac:
      I live in the city of Heerlen in the south of the Netherlands, near the German and Belgian borders.

      We have a small but loving family in a very small house. I am a budget prepper (as my husband is “not into that stuff”) and try to be the best mommy on a budget i can be.

      My husband has been out of a job for 9 months and has just started on a new job. However, money is always tight here.

      I like to read fantasy books, go grocerie shopping with my little girl and watch movies. groceries smilie
      I do not like to read personal stories about how poor someone is and how its always someone elses fault. notme9 smilie
      I believe that we can always find a way with what we have.

      So, i like to be positive and save money!
      Looks like i found the right place!

      Hugs from Holland!

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      Hello Eefje76, welcome aboard. I think you’ll really enjoy the site, there’s a ton of things to see here. :w3:

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie from the Netherlands!