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      Hello everyone! I am a Mom of 4 and a Navy wife living in FL. I have lost track of where all of our money goes, so I set down the laws, and am starting a strict budget on 1 Sep – sooo wish me luck!!

      I just found this site, and am looking for any tips, suggestions and recipes – and anything else that will help! It’s tough running a house full of teenagers, but it’s time to buckle down and quit throwing out the money on everything, especially groceries!! thanks to everyone for all the wonderful posts – i have already printed up about 20 new ones to try and am making my shopping list for the next 4 weeks by the new recipes with a few of the family faves!!

      Same ol’ stuff gets boring ya know!!

      Well, I look forward to talking with everyone!!

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      it’s very nice to meet you.
      I’m new here too.

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      Welcome aboard!! Hope you’re able to find lots of useful info here. I know I have.

      I’ve only been here a few months myself and can’t even begin to calculate how much I’ve saved with all the great advice.

      Starting using the myo laundry soap two weeks ago, it’s works great!!! only costs me pennys to wash a load of clothes and with two teens in the house that means alot. even my savings from the salsa recipe have saved me a small fortune!!!

      lol hubby eats a lot of salsa!!

      enjoy, we’re glad to have you!:039:

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      found this site today and so far have seen alot of military families. Being one myself –retired Navy wife.. I remember the years of hardship and wish I had had something like this myself.

      Of course no computers in those days :). I too hope to find alot here and help save money being retired myself now I know this will help. Just the recipe for coffee creamer is going to save me a fortune.


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      Welcome, You will really enjoy this site. The coupons and freebies are great(all up to date). Remember to go back and look at all ideas and tips(could spend hours on this site).

      Really don’t need any other site, then this one. Have fun here and make sure your printer is working.
      JoAnn in N.Ohio

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      Welcome! You just can’t seem to go wrong on this site. I have to agree with NC_Mom-if you really want to save money start with the laundry soap-it is truly amazing how well it works and how little it costs, I seem to do loads of laundry every day and I am saving!

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      Hello! Welcome to the family!! ^_^

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      Hello from Canada….Glad to meet you!

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      Welcome to a great site full of ideas and lots of friendly people. Enjoy

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      welcome to the site, glad you joined us

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s Newbie from FL