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      Somehow I found an awesome set of directions for making laundry detergent online at this site. I am hooked to this site now! Just finished up the first batch of detergent and my kitchen smells great!

      I look forward to exploring everyone’s interesting postings and ideas!

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, BogartBuddy! Good to have you here. Enjoy!

      Any questions, just ask. Thanks; Virginia

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      That is the way I found this site. Since then I have made the Mom’s Super Laundry Sauce (loving it) and weed killer that really works. I have been in the recipes section for two or three days now.

      Look forward to exploring more of what this wonderful site has to offer. Thanks to all that administrate this site and a greater thanks the its creator.

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      I’m also addicted to this site, and I also found it by coming across the super laundry sauce recipe. I have made the honey granola (which is absolutely amazing). I also made the chocolate cake recipe mix and combine it with a recipe that I had for red velvet cake that called for a chocolate cake mix.

      I made my son the most amazing red velvet cupcakes for his class to celebrate his birthday. The super laundry sauce works great. I can hardly believe I will be spending pennies on my laundry when before I was spending over $30 per month.

      I am so excited about this site.

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s Newbie Found!