Newbie desperate for frugal ideas.

Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie desperate for frugal ideas.

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      My husband had a stroke and can’t work. He’s been approved for SS disability but that won’t start until March. That means we have to get by (during holiday season, no less!) on my salary, $900./month.
      Here are some specific things I’d like to ask…I got waaay too many onions and carrots from a food pantry.

      How can I prepare them to last?

      Is there any kind of a soup stock I could make and freeze?

      Would that be a good Christmas gift, or is it lame?

      Ditto with apples. Is there a way to dehydrate them (for gifts) if I don’t have a dehydrator?

      Anybody have an EASY Christmas stocking pattern?

      Thanks, ladies! (I’m assuming you’re all women…??) Lol!

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      Hello KansasMom411 and welcome to Budget 101!
      I’m so sorry to hear about your DH’s stroke.
      Onions and carrots freeze well.
      Veggie, chicken, and beef broths/stocks are super simple to make and freeze well as well.
      OR make your soup/stew/casserole and freeze to make a easy dinner that can last more than one meal.
      I’ve found the food jar gifts and are a HUGE hit! I’ve also had good success with the hba mixes as well…as a matter of fact, a close friends owns a salon and every year, she requests some of the myo scrubs I’ve gifted her with.
      Enjoy and best wishes!

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie desperate for frugal ideas.