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      Hi all!
      I fill so fortunate to have found this community. From what I have seen so far there seems to be allot of really super members! My name is Penny.

      I am married, we have a 19 yrs old daughter. A few years ago I ended up at the ER and had emergency surgery. My life was forever changed that day.

      I have searched from one end of the internet to another, just trying to find ways to save money or even make money.
      Lost a huge chunk of income that day 😕
      I have been unable to return back to work 👎
      This not only affected my husband and daughter.

      By me being able to take care of house work, cooking, and list goes on and on.
      I am hopeful after looking the site…Maybe just trying some of the money saving “recipes”
      I am sure we will be able to decrease alot of cleaning supplies.
      So excited to be able to tryout some of these such as laundry sauce, etc….
      And yet again i get knocked back down 🙁
      Wouldn’t ya know I would locate this wonderful site and now stuck waiting for social security

      I swear I really want to get our family back on track with at least a little bit normal
      Ok , I promised a few people I do anything short of beg.
      HELP!!!! We could use a guardian angels.
      So again…I would do anything!! For our children

      And would

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