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      >1 yard of fabric will make a standard Pillow Case. If you buy an

      additional 6 ” of the same fabric and a bath towel (walmart for

      $3.84) you can add the fabric 3 ” from the bottom of the towel and

      create a nice gift set.

      A king or queen size would take 1 1/4 yards.

      you want 45 to 55 wide.

      Sew the top and the side, iron up the bottom by 1/4 inch. Then turn

      in 3″ for the hem. This you will then sew in place.

      30 to 40 min. project and looks great.

      I bought material at Wal Mart for Xmas for $2.00 a yard. And made

      Xmas pillow cases, so the kids will have them to dream on 3 weeks

      before Xmas, and when they get their presents they will already know

      what they are.

      Match the material to their taste or Hobie. Fireman, John Deer,

      Scrub Bob. Soccer, football, something they will treasure.



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