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      Now that you’re getting the hang of how and where to post, how to find items and report issues, here are a list of some of the special features that are available here on our site.

      Here are some direct links where you can find answers to questions about what features are available as well as how to properly use them.

      Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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      Very helpful info! Thanks! 🙂

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      You posts are most welcome but I have a question that I have been asking but maybe are asking it in the wrong place. I am trying to finish my profile but it will not take my 3 4 letter words. I tried several of them.

      Pls help because I would like to finish my profile. Tks.

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      glad i found this! thanks

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      Tks. for this useful info.

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      Being a newbie, this is very useful. Thanks!

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      Very helpful…thank you very much!

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      I can’t wait to have the full understanding of how to use this site so this info is great thanks!

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      Hi! I’m Joseph from Texas! Thanks for all the information.

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      Hello dear all,

      This is Lilly Michelle and i am newbie to this forum. Thank you very much for giving this much of information. Here registration to this forum is very easy.

      Putting spam question like this is very Great. I am happy to stay in this forum. Thank you.

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      A must read. Thank you, that answers the questions I had.

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      Thanks for the information

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      I am definately a newby so any help is much appreciated. I need help saving money. My family of 6 spend an average of $200 a week on groceries and I can’t afford that.

      Just not sure what to do about it. Help

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      Thank you very much for the helpful information

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      Thnx for the information

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      Thank you for all the helpful information!

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      Picked up a book on my Kindle. Read it and loved it! Anything to say money.

      This will be my new go to sight. thanks

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      Enjoying finding my way around here! Thanks for all the good info.

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      Thanks for all the helpful info in trying to navigate this site. I love it here!

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      Thx for all the helpful info!

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      Thank you for helping out the newbies

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      Again, Can’t read under the Capital one ad.

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      This site looks very interesting, with many helpful ideas.

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      Awesome site. I am really enjoying all of the helpful items.

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      I am very glad IFound this site. I have tried to reply to some of the threads and have been unsuccessful. Not sure why

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, sbradburnd! Good to have you here. Enjoy!

      Any questions, just ask. Your first few posts are moderated so you will not be able to see them until a moderator has approved them and allowed them to post. Thanks; Virginia

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      Thanks you for the information on all of the aspects of Budget 101.

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      This site is unbelievable! Thank you very much.

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      Great info, thank you

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      Thank you again. I feel weird telling you that to each post, but I am grateful for all the information. Again, Thank you, MommaC

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      Still working my way around the site

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      Great info! Can’t wait to start exploring

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      Thanks Liss Sorry for the Whopp’s

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      @CynthiaANNDM689 407636 wrote:

      Thanks Liss Sorry for the Whopp’s

      You’re welcome, no worries, it’s hard to find your way around at first, especially when there are so many different sections and features. You’ll be an old Pro in no time! 🙂
      busy bee

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      I love the recipes I’ve discovered & look forward to understanding the rest of the sight. Thank you~!

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      Thank you for the information!!

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      Can’t wait to read everything!

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      Thank you so much for the great info. I’m going to really enjoy this site!

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      Very helpful information for us newbies 😍 thank you !!

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      Thanks for the great info.

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      I thought this site was just a bunch of frugal recipies, but it is so much more. What a treasure trove. Thank you!

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      Great, I a super excited and can’t wait to learn more.

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      Tyvm for the tutorial for beginners it’s been most helpful.

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      I am sure I will enjoy this site, and use a lot of the ideas and helpful hints. If you are in south, or southeast Georgia please give me a shout. Loving this site…

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      Thanks for the information. Hopefully I will learn my way around this site!

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      Very thoughtful to have a place to find these topics.

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      Thank you for the info

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      I’m a bit slow in learning what this site is all about and what can be garnered by frequenting it. So far I’ve only made use of the laundry sauce forum and associated replies. I’m slow, but I’m diligent.

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      Hi..New here. Checking things out

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      Helpful site love it.

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      Thanks so much!!! Very informative and useful! This site is so rich with ideas and information, it will take days to get through it all!

      Love it!

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      I think I’ve spent more time on this site than on Facebook this morning haha!

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      Thank you! I can’t wait to explore this site more!

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      Hi there !
      I just joined, too ! I don’t know if this is how we do it….. so sorry in advance, IF I bothered you <3
      My name is Moe….and I am in Seattle, Wa.

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      Hi there ! Me too….i just “joined”…and do not get it, just yet !

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      I still don’t get what I have to do to view pages on your site. I have registered and posted 2 questions on your forum thread?

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      Just posting again cause it said something about needing to post 5 times!!!

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      Can’t wait to get the hang of this properly

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      I am very grateful to have found this useful site. I can’t wait to figure out how to fully use it and learn my way around.

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      Thank you for sharing. This helps so much. Aloha

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      Good morning,I’ve just found budget 101 and very excited to start looking around now that I’m registered. Thank you ahead of time because I know I will love this new find!

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      Hello All! I am a noob to this site and cant wait to explore

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      Thanks for this site! love it

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      Hi. I am new here. Not sure what else to say.

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      If I want to save an article, reciepe or whatever, how do I do this?

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      Thank you Lisa for starting this site. There is so much valuable information. I was sending everything to my timeline on Facebook so I could go back to it later and I wanted to share the info with everyone else.

      Now I can go on this site and be with friends who think alike……

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      Thanks so much for the info

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      Another new path–here I go, one step at a time…thanks for the sign post.

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      Love this site thank you for having me! Can’t wait to learn more cheap ideas and do it myself ideas!

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      Thanks for the add! I’m a couponer, but definitely need better skills to be faster at putting deals together & curbing my ADD while doing it! Lol!

      Is there a more time efficient way to help streamline the couponing process while shopping? Thanks!

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      This is wonderful! I cant wait to check it all out 🙂

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      I am new here. Thanks for letting me join. Looking forward to all the info to make our money last longer

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      This was very useful to me thanks

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      Again thanks for the information. It really helps me.

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      Thank u for your instruction regarding this forum.

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      This is very time consuming.

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      Thank you so much lss for the information. very useful site with loads of info and interesting articles. i love it.

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie 103: Discovering the Features