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      we go every year, sometimes twice a year —

      I will preface this post with: it’s better to go in groups of 6 or more!

      Number 1 rule for New York City:


      Number 2 rule for New York City:


      Our trip in March 2013:

      6 people (counting 1 child) — took Amtrak (round trip $249.00 each from Toledo to NYC Penn Station).

      We rented a house in Park Slope (a ritzy neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY) — the house was 3 stories tall, and offered sleeping space for 10 comfortably!

      The cost of the house for 10 nights, set each of us back $588 — which means it cost each of us less than $60 a day!! (that’s a killer deal for NYC).

      Meals: we had a full kitchen, plus backyard bbq … we were set for meals! (much cheaper than eating out everyday for all meals).

      Getting around: two 7 day metro cards (reloadable)

      we went EVERYWHERE and did a lot of FREE things, and found that 10 days was not long enough (even though my DH and I lived there for a year, and he is from there).

      If anyone is planning on going, let me know!!

      The agency we used to get the house rental is: New York Habitat – Apartments in New York, Paris, London and South of France and they are professional and simply amazing!! You won’t be disappointed.

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      sounds like you guys had a great time. When my kids get older, I hope to get to New York.

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      we are thinking of going December 26, 2013- January 3, 2014 … (no … we do NOT go to Times Square for the ball drop — that’s just insanity — but we do go to a HUGE private party that is a culinary dream)…if you want to go, you can go with us. 🙂

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      I would love to go, however, I will not have any extra cash since I am out of work. 🙁

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      This sounds like a great idea actually. Hmmmm… Thanks for the share!

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