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      Years ago, someone suggested that I should make New Years Resolutions with measurable goals and re-evaluate them throughout the year.

      After a while, I realized that resolutions don’t work! Re-evaluating resolutions throughout the year was simply adjusting my goals, re-prioritizing them, and taking steps to bring them to completion.

      Resolutions were just too restrictive to allow for the rapid changes in my life or to allow me the flexibility to act on new opportunities.

      What I needed to do was to re-prioritize my goals and find a way to accommodate uncertainty and become flexible so that opportunities are not lost.

      Now I set priorities and list ways to meet them

      This doesn’t sound like a revolutionary idea, but it was enough to get me into action.

      What is your favorite way of motivating yourself for action during the New Year? JRodgers

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      I am still looking for it 😉

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      My priority for today was to remove the old microwave and drop in range, and get ready for delivery of new range. The drop in was directly wired into the house circuit (no plug), I had to get an electrician out to put in a stove outlet.

      Then the range is about 3/8″ too big for the opening. I have to remove tiles and grind down the sides of the mortar bed on the counter.

      By March we have a goal of removing the tile on the counter top and replacing it with wood. This has now become a more pressing priority. We will have to remove tile to get the range to fit, so I spent the day popping tiles off the counter and then discovered a mortar bed two inches thick.

      Tonight I ordered an angle grinder to level the mortar bed – it will come in two days, then we cut, sand, and stain the cabinet grade plywood make the sink cutout and purchase a new sink.

      My simple project has turned into a week long project that has grown from $400 to $700 overnight. Now to be able to cook on my new range, it will take another week.

      We will probably be ready for some real food by then. In spite of my best-laid plans, necessity has become my motivator JRodgers

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      Most projects end up being more than at first thought. Keep smiling and look toward the end result, and all will work out. Thanks; Virginia

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      Had I known I would need extra cash this month, I wouldn’t have invested so heavily in buying merchandise for my retail business. Thank goodness for this site! We can live for a month on what’s in the freezer and only buy eggs, milk, fresh veggies, and a little meat (if it happens to be on sale) Keeping up with Budget 101 is a priority for the new year as well!

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      I have set some resolutions but i didn’t set large goals just minor changes that I could put in order and bite a small mouthfull. I want to cook more meals from scratch that would allow my family to eat better. I’ve started with cooking from the basics at least 3 times a week.

      So far the family and i love it.

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      I was on twitter when I learned about There is a book to go along with it but I didnt get the book…the concept is easy enough.

      Instead of resolutions or priorities, focusing with intention on one word through the year will prioritize your goals, resolutions, etc…all which seem to fall to the way side after a few months. I focus on being satisfied. in anything i do and at the end of the day, i ask myself, am i satisfied with myself and my day, what i said, how i behaved, etc…..

      even down to the food i ate or even a recipe i tried. am i satisfied with how i used the hours in my day….. if i am not satisfied, there is always tomorrow.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General New Year Priorities