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      I have always lived on a budget and I can provide copies of every months budget from July 1979 (when I set up my own home) to present. I am always looking for ways to cut expenses and that is what I hope to find here. Any suggestions are welcome. I was going to make my own washing powder and dish washer powder, but I can only find the items on Amazon and at $65 for the ingredients, I won’t break even any time. Today I bought laundry soap, $3.99 for 116 loads which is about 4 cents per load.

      My goal is to finish up my savings account to $126,000 to pay cash for my next home. I am only half way there. Now that my children are done with college, I should be able to speed up the process. The only problem? All the new subdivisions locally have home owners association dues that run about $600 per month. My current home, older, but paid for, does not have a hoa. Any ideas?

      Thanks. dj

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      Hi deadjeanne and welcome to! :w1:

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