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      Hi there! Also,think about all those hidden extras that masquerade as needs. Cable tv cable internet (community dial-up internetis free or nearly free) magazine subscriptions online subscriptions newpaper delivery gym memberships cellphone / really fancy cellphones or blackberries All those extras that go on the cellphone like ringtones, games and other downloads.

      High end personal care itemsinstead of thestore brand equivalent. Hobbies that you don’t actually do or enjoy but still collect stuff for.

      Here’s another small biggy….the stuff you buy to service or accessorize the stuff you already have….i.e Cellphone accessories like ear pieces and holders), fee-based songs downloaded to your i-pod or mp3 player, Drycleaning
      bills for the new, dryclean only clothes you buy, special expensive batteries for your digital camera, the photo-printer for your digital photos, high-cost ink for your low-cost printer, all that software for your computer, new furniture to hold your extra stuff, paid off-site storage for the stuff you don’t use yetdon’t want to get rid of.

      Acar….this is the biggest money drain for most people. If your car does not earn it’s keep,if itdoes not earn you money but is costing you money every month. Get rid of it and buy a bus pass.Sell it and use the money to pay down debt.

      A car can earn/save you money if: You get paid to have advertising painted on it. You get paid to rent it out to the film industry (good forunique, vintage or really high-end vehicles) You use your car as part of your business and can write of some of the expense it generates. You become part of car pool and get people to chip in on the gas money.

      It’s going to be tough to give up some of these things at
      first, however, remind yourself that this is only for a short amount of time. Money won’t be tight forever, you can do this!

      jessjane80 wrote: I am a young professional who is trying to get out of her post-college
      debt! I make good money now..but just dont understand why I cant seem
      to make ends meet! I am looking for anyone who has been in my shoes,
      has any sort of advice on any type of step to help get my head above

      I have made one first step in looking
      for a new home closer to
      my job to eliminate the driving and the gas that I am putting in my car
      each week. But after that…I really dont know what the next step would
      be. I appreciate anyone that sends me a note!

      Have a great day!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List new to this group….and searching for answers :o )