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      Hi there!

      I just found out about earlier this week. I am sooo
      excited! I have always looked for ways to stretch my dollar (there
      have been times when my husband & his self-employed schemes backfired
      & we had the $25.00 a wk to live off of).

      I am excited to see I’m
      not the only one & that it can be done!!!

      now, we have a yrs. supply of food storage that keeps me going during
      those lean times, but wheat, beans, corn, dry milk, etc. can get

      i have spent the last few days looking over the website
      printing off recipes that i know will help us out. (i can’t believe
      the recipe for syrup w/gelatin!! how easy & cost effective!!

      my kids
      hate plain mayple syrup, so this is an inexpensive alternative for
      me!!) i have already made my own babywipes! my husband thought
      maybe i had lost my marbles, but yesterday he used them & decided
      that maybe it wasn’t so bad…hehehe.

      anyway, just wanted to say “hello out there”…& oh – i don’t think i
      am posting w/the html option on, but if i am please let me know.

      fellow penny pincher (with a smile!)


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