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      here is what i have done with my husband, i took away all
      atm,debitcards, checkbooks, and Credit Cards from him, i give him
      100.00 for 2 weeks to spend on lunch, gas, and what not, if he runs
      out, he makes a lunch so on and so forth, if he has some of the 100
      left over by the next payday, i take it from him and put it in a
      savings account for us to use on vacation, or for him to buy
      something he has been wanting for awhile, we use the money from
      savings sometimes once a year or every 6 months it all depends, but
      he has learned the less he spends, the more he has for what he wants
      later on down the road, yes it seems like an allowance for your kids,
      but after all, isn’t your husband one of your children afterall? hope
      this helps,
      michelle brown

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