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      One thing is make sure the colors are easy to find. my future sister

      in law and brother in law are doing burgandy and getting married in

      july. it’s very hard to find burgandy for summer weddings. my

      daughters dress for the wedding (she’s the flower girl) was $56

      because it’s the only one we could find in burgandy and they charge

      $20 more when the child gets into a 2t instead of 18 months.

      See if the girls would want to use the same colors. You can change

      things enough for each wedding to make it look new.

      We had an outdoor wedding at my husbands grandparents house. Their

      house is on a river and it was beautiful. We bought our “arch” at Fred

      Meyer on sale. It was just a garden arch which we decorated with tulle

      and silk flower garlands that we found at a dollar store. Instead of

      buying expensive predone bubbles as favors I picked up plain ones and

      tied a little ribbon around each one (with the help of friends) in our


      For center pieces on the tables we had little baskets spray painted

      in our colors with ribbons and small charms hanging from the handles

      with hershey kisses and candies in them.

      Out unity candle was a white pillar with the picture from our

      invitation on it (we printed it out in sepia tone from our computer on

      regular paper and edged it with little white balls similar to the ones

      you’d see on a wedding cake) the tapers were just white with ribbons

      around the bottoms in our colors.

      Instead of a big meal for the reception, we had barbeque hamburgers

      and hot dogs. A family friend made a watermelon into a basket shape

      and it had melon balls and fruit mix in it. I had my younger brother

      do the music. We didn’t rent a car or anything, we just went in our

      own car.

      All the dresses were bought at department stores. The brides maids

      paid for their own because they were only 18 dollars each. We didn’t

      have a flower girl or ring bearer, but at Easter you can get really

      cute dresses in the right colors and little suits for a fair price.

      In, “gourdsbykathy” wrote:


      > Hi all, I am new to the group and looking forward to learning and

      > sharing information with everyone. I have three daughters, one just

      > got engaged and the others are not far behind her. I am in a state of

      > total panic.

      > One wedding is a fortune but three………. WOW do I need to make a dollar

      > scream for mercy! Does anyone have any information on cheap wedding

      > options that don’t look cheap!! We have a really large family add a

      > few friends and I am at 150 people minimum.



      > Thanks,


      > Kathy in PA

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List New to group and I really need wedding help!