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      I am trying to recall all that we did when we got married almost 8 years ago…some of this we did. Some of it we did not. 1) We made all of the flowers and boutinerres for the guys ourselves with silk flowers from Michaels.

      We rented a video from the library. It was simple, step-by-step. 2) We decided what we really wanted to spend our money on – our rings, our photos, our honeymoon.

      Even then, we bargained. 3) You can rent a wedding gown. Or borrow one.

      If you sew or know someone who does, ask them to sew yours as your wedding present. 4) Buy your invitations online (much less expensive) or make them yourself at home (you can get the paper at Target, Staples, etc.) 5) Go to the bridal shows and register for everything. You will get a good deal of junk mail, but we also won
      a few things that helped us out.

      6) We made our own directions/maps/favors/thank you notes to give out to our guests. Took one pack of a “pretty” stationery from Office Depot and the time to drive from the church to the reception location. 7) Get married on a day other than Saturday – saves a bundle.

      8) Taste your cake. If you want a fancy cake, get one with 2 layers (the top 2), have the bottom one – two made Fake – the bakers do it all the time. They will make sheet cakes in your flavors to cut up for your guests.

      You will still get to keep your topper for your anniversary. If you really want, eat it all and have the same bakery make you a fresh top layer for your 1st anniversary. We saved ours.

      9) Wear your own shoes and hose. Don’t splurge for special shoes. I wore white leather ones and had them
      dyed later to a color I can wear everyday.

      Leather can be done that way. I bought hose, but did not wear it since the dress was so hot!!!! 10) Wear a dress style that does not require fancy bras to fit correctly.

      If the back is cut out or the front too low, you will need a special bra. 11) Have your attendants get a dress that is not “bridesmaid”. I had everyone order from Chadwick’s of Boston – the dress fit everyone from the 4T little girl to the 26W plus sized full grown woman.

      It was a spring party dress, not a bridesmaid dress. Less expensive and easy to wear again. 12) Make your own favors.

      My sister and some friends tied ribbon around bubble bottles in our wedding colors and tied up tulle with M&M’s inside. 13) Put disposable cameras out for the guests to photograph each other. Then,
      put a basket out so they can leave them as they depart.

      You will get great shots. 14) Enjoy yourself!!! Herlean

      jessica pilkerton wrote: Kathy, My husband and I got married a year ago.When I did the guest list it totaled more than 200 people. we could not afford that. We want to buy a house, so we just had achurch ceremony with about 50 close family members and a small cook out at mybrother in laws house.

      the total came to about 1500. that included my dress, my daughter’s dress,flowers for the church, donations for the church, limo, photogragher, drinks and food. I was like a family get together.Everyone was comfortable.I would not change a

      Weddinga expensive. When we got engaged we sat down and worked out a budget and decided on what was important to us. Get together with your daughter, her fiance’ and his parents to discuss what is more important to them.

      Are his parents going to contribute to the wedding? Is your daughter and fiance going to contribute?First find out if they are and how much. Then work within that budget.

      If you can’t afford to invite all 150 people, then don’t. We sent out wedding annnoucements to the family that we did not invite and believe me my family wants us to get a house, they weren’t the least bit upset that they didn’t get invited to the wedding. Hope this helps a little…

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List New to group and I really need wedding help!