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      Hi I’m from Wisconsin and I need to save money so sometime I can payoff debt.

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      Hello and welcome to the board!

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      Welcome to the site.. You have come to the right spot to learn how to save money. This is a really friendly site, where you will find all kinds of savings ideas.

      Take one step at a time and Enjoy. And ask if you need any help with anything. We help each other here.

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      Hey there from Wisconsin!! You are going to have a blast here…its addictive!!!!

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      Hi! Welcome to the site! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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      Welcome to the site! Look at some of the MYO (make your own) items and who will end up saving quite a bit of money to help pay off those extra bills. We are a friendly group here to help.

      Look forward to your future posts.

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      Thank you everyone I have realized this site is really addictive so far.

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      Welcome, Dee2123!! Glad to have you!! ;D

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      Hi Dee2123 ~

      There are a few of us from the upper midwest. I spend alot of time on the site already, I wonder how much time I will spend when it gets cold. I do not even want to think about it. It is a fun time.

      Welcome aboard.

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      Yeah, I am not ready for the incoming months of dreaded cold weather I am originally from Indiana which is bad there also. It is not like living near the lake in Wisconsin though.

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      I live in the suburbs, surrounded by concrete (enough room for a garden for the both of us). The plows take care of the snow, I just have to make it from my door to the car or bus (that is far enough for me, and I grew up in MN).

Viewing 10 reply threads
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