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      That’s exactly what I was thinking…

      Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly.
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      I actually think you are a troll. But in case you are not, the first two
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      1. Use birth control

      Get rid of the husband.


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      From: “courtney.mcswain” <>

      Hello All,

      I am in desperate need of advice. I have got to be one of the worst
      people in the world with money!!! I have never gone by a budget; I
      just get money and spend it within two days.

      I would really like to
      start managing my money instead of spending it. I have five children
      so I need to actually have money for all the things that come up. It
      real hurts me to tell the that they can’t have things they want
      because of my mistakes.

      It’s also bad that every time they want
      something the question always starts with “can we afford?”. They are
      very sweet children and anytime they get even a few cents they offer
      it to me to help out, they are just children they shouldn’t have to
      worry about theses kind of things. Several times I have found
      printable budget worksheets online but they have never helped.

      spend my money on ridiculous things not what I actually need.
      Although I know that my spending is completely outrageous my biggest
      problem is my husband. We have been together for 8 years and he has
      never worked. No amount of begging and pleading will get him to get
      a job, he doesn’t want one and that’s all there is to it.

      Up until
      six months ago I had been on welfare for the whole time we where
      together. I am now working but only make about $2,000 a month. Our
      rent is half of that.

      My husband is an alcoholic and spends a lot of
      what is left on booze (thank god he’s not into drugs too). When I
      tell him no he just takes the money anyways. He’s abusive so hiding
      the money just gets me hurt and he ends up with the money anyways.

      know what you are all going to say get rid of him, that’s not an
      option!! I am trying the best that I can to provide for my family
      and get our lives in order but without knowing how to budget and
      having such a crappy credit rating I’m lost. My bad credit is
      another of my problems.I don’t know how to fix it. Any suggestions
      about how to start off with the budgeting would be really

      Thank you all.

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