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      “courtney.mcswain” wrote: Hello All,

      I am in desperate need of advice. I have got to be one of the worst
      people in the world with money!!! ************************* First, I’d see a divorce attorney.

      What exactly makes you want to stay with an unemployed, abusive, alcoholicbum? I am sure there is help somewhere to get you out of this disastrous relationship. How could it be any worse?

      Does he bring anything positive to this family? How
      does he help? He doesn’t.

      If you have been supporting your family for 8 years alone, that is an accomplishment to be proud of. $2000 a month is a good amount of money to start with. There is help for single mothers.

      Get away from this loser who is setting a horrible example for your children. Do you want any of them to grow up to be anything like him? Get out!You can make it on your own.

      You already are. Kathy

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