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      Sadly, if you don’t want to do anything to change your situation, you’re out of


      All you can do is open your own personal checking account. But if he’s going to

      beat you over it, then that won’t do any good either. So you’re pretty much

      stuck with no other option than to leave him.

      Don’t know if it’s a personal or religious reason, but you could always legally

      separate (instead of divorcing) until he gets his act together and then you’ll

      have the independence you need to financially and physically survive without

      putting yourself and your children in danger and not breaking any religious laws

      by not divorcing.

      Been there and done this……


      “When you have exhausted all possibilites, remember this: you haven’t.” ~Thomas


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      Hello All,

      I am in desperate need of advice. I have got to be one of the worst

      people in the world with money!!! I have never gone by a budget; I

      just get money and spend it within two days. I would really like to

      start managing my money instead of spending it.

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