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      Thanks for the info on a Troll. I have never heard of them.After reading your post, I am convinced it is a troll. My son lives just fine on $2,000 a month with his job. He is very frugal, but can do it. And this woman (or man) get welfare, plus working salary. Sounds like they make more than I do. If you are destitute, how come you can afford a computer, and internet costs. Ours are $40 a month for the net in our area. Just my 2 cents.

      An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who
      posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in
      an online community, such as an online discussion forum, with the
      intention of baiting other users into an emotional response[1] or to
      generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.[2]

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