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      Courtney your have taken a good first step coming on this groups asking for help where no one knows you .I think you want to leave .There is groups who will help and give you a free place to live .Also will help you relocate .You have to you cant do this to your children if you have a son and he continues to see the abuse he may absue one day .If you have a daughter she will expect this to be normal PLEASE for the children leave .If you go to a new place far away contact a place for battered women so they can help you.You may not think you are worthy a fresh new start but you do .You can start over .Please do it for your babies .And yourself you dont deserve this .Please get help .Ive been in your shoes sfter my hubby came home with lipstick and his underpants inside out .He raped me for the last time LONG ago .Im now married my present hubby of 12 years is the greatest he just came back from iraq. He adopted both of my
      children without their father permission. after so long of no contact and no support you can adopt without him .Im so happy. Also I didnt know I was pregnant he caused me to lose our baby beofre the night I left.But you are strong enough LOVE yourself love your children get out .Please Be safe god bless you !

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