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      I have been in courtney’s shoes.Having 5 children at home & barely surviving.The lack of a budget comes from the guilt of the children lacking emotional support of 2 parents so we try to make up for it. As much as we all try to think we are hiding the situation from the children we aren’t! Your situation is teaching your boys how to treat women & the expections for them as men.You are teaching your daughters what to expect from men.

      You do not want the sufferage of your children becoming just like your husband & your daughters hating men.Rest assure it will happen. You gotta get acquainted with “kneeology”!get on your knees & pray.don’t ask for what you want but ask god to give you all that you need!emotional strength,heart healing,etc….you cannot repair a broken are not the reason he is broken & you can never repair it. i bet he tells you if you will just do this or just do that things would
      be better.been there.i believed if i was a better wife,better lover,better cook,just better he would love me & that way i could show him he is loved.beacsue the problem isn’t you there is really nothing you can be better at.

      your heart & emotions healing overnite won’t does take time cause you gotta make peace with someone or something from your past that allows you to accept this are worthy!you are worthy!!you are worthy of love,compassion,acceptance,& the love of a man who will be your partner thru are worthy! you are pretty enough.your body is enough.your housekeeping skills are enough.your child raising skills are enough.your love is enough.

      if you have left before & returned just remember if it was a month now he knows what to say to get you back within a cannot allow yourself once you leave to be alone in a room with him.he knows what it
      takes to get you back.he will not get the kids!a judge will not allow it.don’t believe him!i do not care if you slept around on him he cannot take the kids from their mom.if he holds anything wrong above your head that you may have done do not worry.a judge always gives the kids to their mom first. seek help .please.don’t allow anyone to make you can get help thru a shelter.please do it.don’t worry about a budget worry about living!you got something bigger on your plate right now!

      email me if you like. Love Margo

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