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      I think that you need to determine your own pantry needs. No two

      family menus/diets are alike, so your pantries should differ, as well.

      If you look at the list of staples from any well-meaning site, you will

      no doubt run across items that you just don’t use. cornmeal is one for

      me. On the other hand, you also use things, regularly, that are

      perhaps not on the list, or would be under-represented if you followed

      a trusty guileline off the Web. I go through tomato sauce, for

      example. Usually, I prepare Italian dishes with it. Rather than

      spending an extra buck on the cornmeal that I won’t touch, I keep my

      eyes peeled for good sauce discounts. If i find jarred spaghetti sauce

      that is cheaper than tomato sauce, i go for it, and save myself a

      little work in the long run. I just got a dozen decent-sized jars of

      spaghetti sauce at Aldo for a buck a piece, which is pretty good for

      me. If I would have stayed with a guideline, the discretion of others

      would have told me that I didn’t need sauce, or that I had enough. That

      stach, however, will NOT see the end of school, LOL, so I think I’m

      okay…hope that helps! I hope, too, that your move is a smooth and

      very positive experience!


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