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      Check out the “perpetual pantry” at Flylady has a pretty big homepage plus links. If you have trouble finding the perpetual pantry, than just google “perpetual pantry flylady dinner diva” This list will give you a base to start from. While you’re compiling your own custom list, also give a few moments to think about what you had in your old pantry that you didn’t use and make a note not to buy it again or only buy it when you actually make the recipe that calls for it. My big thing used to be buying coconut milk (of all things) just in case I needed it for something.
      hstryteach wrote: Everyone:
      We’re moving from CA to Fort Worth, TX in June. I’m going to be
      setting up house before my DH joins us at the end of August. I’ve been
      told by our moving company that they won’t move anything in the kitchen
      except spices and especially nothing that has been opened. So I’m
      having to start over with my pantry. I’d like to keep expenses down
      but I’m still going to make my Costco run for meat and milk and such.
      I’m just wondering does anyone have a basic pantry list that I can look
      at or where to find one? I want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

      Dianne in Anaheim, enjoying her spring break

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