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      Hi Diane,

      I lived in Long Beach and Alameda, California when I was in the service, and my father had Fort Bliss, TX as his homebase while he was in the Army.

      As for setting up a pantry, check out the website Hillbilly They have all kinds of neat information.

      Welcome to the group.

      Take care,

      Marie Elene
      southeast Michigan

      Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 17:07:36 +0000
      Subject: : new pantry setup

      We’re moving from CA to Fort Worth, TX in June. I’m going to be
      setting up house before my DH joins us at the end of August. I’ve been
      told by our moving company that they won’t move anything in the kitchen
      except spices and especially nothing that has been opened. So I’m
      having to start over with my pantry. I’d like to keep expenses down
      but I’m still going to make my Costco run for meat and milk and such.
      I’m just wondering does anyone have a basic pantry list that I can look
      at or where to find one? I want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

      Dianne in Anaheim, enjoying her spring break

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