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      > Hello everyone! Barbara from Virginia. 45 yo mother of two

      > teenagers. My bf works in sales, and I in nursing. As our salaries

      > increased, so did our love of spending! Since I did grew up in a


      > family, I can thank my parents for teaching me frugal ways. A

      > resolution that is becoming a necessity is to carve down our spending

      > this year. I’m finding we are not investing as much into future


      > such as retirement, etc as we should.

      Good morning Barb,

      Welcome to the group! My name is Stacey and we’ve set goals for 2008

      to become debt free.Luckily,hubby & I have never had a credit card of

      any kind so it’s NICE to not have to worry about that.Last nite I was

      on one of my budgeting groups and saw someone was in $81,000 in CC card

      alone.I about literally choked on my coffee.I couldn’t imagine that

      kind of debt but anyways,we feel like this is the year to get on track

      and save some $$$.We spent about an hour looking at savings account

      online for retirement,emergency,etc… It was pretty fun knowing that

      we’re getting our future in order.

      Well, glad to have you here and hope to see you around!



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