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      Hello everyone! Barbara from Virginia. 45 yo mother of two

      teenagers. My bf works in sales, and I in nursing. As our salaries

      increased, so did our love of spending! Since I did grew up in a large

      family, I can thank my parents for teaching me frugal ways. A

      resolution that is becoming a necessity is to carve down our spending

      this year. I’m finding we are not investing as much into future funds,

      such as retirement, etc as we should. Our one major goal for 2008 is

      to get credit card debit to a minimum. I’m going back to school this

      spring semester to increase my educational degree, so I will need to

      eventually go back to part-time work to achieve these goals.

      Excited about learning more from others and hopefully from time to time

      can share some of my knowledge and experience as well. Happy New Year

      to all……and Happy Budgeting!

      Barb from Virginia

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