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      Hi All,

      I am fairly new to this group and because of the holidays I have been

      running behind on posting an “ALL ABOUT ME” Post. Well here it is.

      I live high in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina where I was

      born and raised. I am 40 years old (Some days I feel 100) I was

      married for 11 years and now divorced for 6 WONDERFUL years. I have 3

      kids, 3 grandkids and a 4 legged baby boy named Chippy who is a

      Pomeranian, Stephanie (Now 24) who I became a momma to when I was 13

      because her momma didn’t want her when she was only 6 month’s old

      being adopted myself at 6 month’s I just couldn’t say no to a baby

      being mistreated no matter how young I was to me she was a REAL LIVE

      PLAY THING but motherhood soon caught on and we got threw it all just

      fine. After I was married in 1988 we legally adopted her as our own,

      then proceeded to have a son in 1990 named Justin (Now 17) Both

      youngan’s will be having birthdays in January – 1 day apart 21st and

      22nd. Also for you movie buffs out there I live 5 mins from Aunt May

      of Spider Man’s Door Step and 15 mins from Dolly Pardon’s sister

      Stella. You’d never think of this TINY town as a place to HIDE if you

      were a BIG star but it does work and well. Even though when I’ve met

      these people unless you KNOW who they are there just like you and me,

      and both of these stars are doll babies sweet as can be.

      While I was married I owned a very successful restaurant for 5 years,

      just woke up one morning with NO EXPERIENCE and decided I wanted one,

      being only a high school graduate I had NO IDEA how to go about it but

      with A LOT of reading and research on the internet and idea’s that I

      am known for popping off the top of my head, much to my surprise it

      took off and FLEW. Sadly I had to close my doors in 2,000 because my

      main income of daily deliveries to the area’s 9 factories was taken

      away when they all packed up and moved operations overseas. My life as

      I see it has always been lived as make or break the ole school of hard

      knocks 101 – you win some and you loose some but you NEVER give up on


      I moved to Greensboro, NC where I met my last babies father and little

      did we know at the time I was carrying her with Uterine Cancer and 6

      month’s after she was born underwent surgery to have the 2 tumors

      removed, and today I am still cancer FREE. My oldest daughter and me

      are real life “Father of the bride part 2 gals” as we were pregnant

      together and my oldest grandson and Cheyenne is 2 month’s apart in

      age. Cheyenne was also born the day before her daddy (July 19th and

      20th) so they are very close. We lived in Greensboro for 4 years

      before deciding to move back close to my family. I am currently the co

      – owner of a web design company that was Mark’s dream, but this spring

      I am branching out into the things I still love to do and will be

      opening 4 new businesses in the Asheville, NC area – Restaurant,

      Wedding Consultant, Caterer and Personal Chef and all will be under 1

      roof. Remember everyone Diversify and you won’t ever be without

      something that will still keep an income rolling in.

      I love to plan, design, cook, craft and garden as does a lot of my

      family and friends so this will fit right up our alley, and will also

      help other’s who have been laid off from various jobs in our town. I

      am planning to hopefully be able to employee a lot of people. I do

      have a lot of current health problems for my age that includes;

      Hypothyroidism, Corroded Artery Disease, Chrones Disease and

      Fibromyaliga. But I don’t let nothing beat me down, sure there are

      days I couldn’t get out of bed if the house was on fire but other’s I

      feel 18 again.

      My Favorite hobbies Etc are: Collecting Unicorns, Recipe Books and

      Magazines, Shopping but ALWAYS for a bargain, Yard Sales, Crafting,

      Gardening, Reading, Designing and Planning, Various Clubs and swaps,

      as well as local charities that I personally KNOW are REAL!!!!!!! Also

      if anyone has suggestions on groups or forums they belong to let me

      know in a private email I myself own 1 yahoo group I just have started

      working on as of 12/29/07 so I don’t have much there YET to look at

      LOL. I am also an avid Food Network watcher as is my family, even

      Cheyenne is asking mommy will you teach me this recipe or that one

      before you die?…LOL Kid’s you gotta love um.

      If anyone in the group is planning on being in the Asheville/Boone, NC

      area post me a message and let’s go out to eat would love to meet some

      of you in person. Well guys that is all I can think of about me. Any

      other questions please feel free to ask and I can also be emailed

      using this user name. Also I am very busy will try and at least post

      once a week unless it is required otherwise, but please don’t think I

      am “LERKING” that is something I don’t have time to do.

      Also Any replys to this post PLEASE Email me privately so as to keep

      board ON TOPIC!!!!!!

      Thanks again,

      Connie C

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