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      When do you have time to sleep???????

      Thanks for sharing your story! It was fun to read! You’re a

      wonderful story teller.

      Monique, currently in SC

      On Dec 29, 2007 10:25 PM, connie28801 <> wrote:







      > Hi All,


      > I am fairly new to this group and because of the holidays I have been

      > running behind on posting an “ALL ABOUT ME” Post. Well here it is.


      > I live high in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina where I was

      > born and raised. I am 40 years old (Some days I feel 100) I was

      > married for 11 years and now divorced for 6 WONDERFUL years. I have 3

      > kids, 3 grandkids and a 4 legged baby boy named Chippy who is a

      > Pomeranian, Stephanie (Now 24) who I became a momma to when I was 13

      > because her momma didn’t want her when she was only 6 month’s old

      > being adopted myself at 6 month’s I just couldn’t say no to a baby

      > being mistreated no matter how young I was to me she was a REAL LIVE

      > PLAY THING but motherhood soon caught on and we got threw it all just

      > fine. After I was married in 1988 we legally adopted her as our own,

      > then proceeded to have a son in 1990 named Justin (Now 17) Both

      > youngan’s will be having birthdays in January – 1 day apart 21st and

      > 22nd. Also for you movie buffs out there I live 5 mins from Aunt May

      > of Spider Man’s Door Step and 15 mins from Dolly Pardon’s sister

      > Stella. You’d never think of this TINY town as a place to HIDE if you

      > were a BIG star but it does work and well. Even though when I’ve met

      > these people unless you KNOW who they are there just like you and me,

      > and both of these stars are doll babies sweet as can be.


      > While I was married I owned a very successful restaurant for 5 years,

      > just woke up one morning with NO EXPERIENCE and decided I wanted one,

      > being only a high school graduate I had NO IDEA how to go about it but

      > with A LOT of reading and research on the internet and idea’s that I

      > am known for popping off the top of my head, much to my surprise it

      > took off and FLEW. Sadly I had to close my doors in 2,000 because my

      > main income of daily deliveries to the area’s 9 factories was taken

      > away when they all packed up and moved operations overseas. My life as

      > I see it has always been lived as make or break the ole school of hard

      > knocks 101 – you win some and you loose some but you NEVER give up on

      > trying.


      > I moved to Greensboro, NC where I met my last babies father and little

      > did we know at the time I was carrying her with Uterine Cancer and 6

      > month’s after she was born underwent surgery to have the 2 tumors

      > removed, and today I am still cancer FREE. My oldest daughter and me

      > are real life “Father of the bride part 2 gals” as we were pregnant

      > together and my oldest grandson and Cheyenne is 2 month’s apart in

      > age. Cheyenne was also born the day before her daddy (July 19th and

      > 20th) so they are very close. We lived in Greensboro for 4 years

      > before deciding to move back close to my family. I am currently the co

      > – owner of a web design company that was Mark’s dream, but this spring

      > I am branching out into the things I still love to do and will be

      > opening 4 new businesses in the Asheville, NC area – Restaurant,

      > Wedding Consultant, Caterer and Personal Chef and all will be under 1

      > roof. Remember everyone Diversify and you won’t ever be without

      > something that will still keep an income rolling in.


      > I love to plan, design, cook, craft and garden as does a lot of my

      > family and friends so this will fit right up our alley, and will also

      > help other’s who have been laid off from various jobs in our town. I

      > am planning to hopefully be able to employee a lot of people. I do

      > have a lot of current health problems for my age that includes;

      > Hypothyroidism, Corroded Artery Disease, Chrones Disease and

      > Fibromyaliga. But I don’t let nothing beat me down, sure there are

      > days I couldn’t get out of bed if the house was on fire but other’s I

      > feel 18 again.


      > My Favorite hobbies Etc are: Collecting Unicorns, Recipe Books and

      > Magazines, Shopping but ALWAYS for a bargain, Yard Sales, Crafting,

      > Gardening, Reading, Designing and Planning, Various Clubs and swaps,

      > as well as local charities that I personally KNOW are REAL!!!!!!! Also

      > if anyone has suggestions on groups or forums they belong to let me

      > know in a private email I myself own 1 yahoo group I just have started

      > working on as of 12/29/07 so I don’t have much there YET to look at

      > LOL. I am also an avid Food Network watcher as is my family, even

      > Cheyenne is asking mommy will you teach me this recipe or that one

      > before you die?…LOL Kid’s you gotta love um.

      > If anyone in the group is planning on being in the Asheville/Boone, NC

      > area post me a message and let’s go out to eat would love to meet some

      > of you in person. Well guys that is all I can think of about me. Any

      > other questions please feel free to ask and I can also be emailed

      > using this user name. Also I am very busy will try and at least post

      > once a week unless it is required otherwise, but please don’t think I

      > am “LERKING” that is something I don’t have time to do.


      > Also Any replys to this post PLEASE Email me privately so as to keep

      > board ON TOPIC!!!!!!


      > Thanks again,


      > Connie C




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